Spadel, regional leader in natural mineral water brands

A long-standing player invested in sustainable development and innovation, the Spadel group's mission is to offer a refreshing, hydrating, and natural choice to consumers across Europe.





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Spadel - Un acteur européen à la vision claire

A European player with a clear vision

At Spadel, we are passionate about nature, sources and our products. We believe that bringing out the best in nature and humanity creates a sustainable business in a sustainable world.

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As a family business with a human dimension, we cultivate an innovative vision in terms of sustainable development and rely on a team of passionate employees.

Marc du Bois ~ CEO of Spadel

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Spadel - À propos - Source Spa

Spa, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Bru

Stoumont, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Wattwiller

Wattwiller, France

Ribeauvillé, France

Spadel - À propos - Source Devin

Devin, Bulgaria


Our sources, the heart of Spadel

Our natural mineral waters flow from protected areas and natural parks all over Europe: in Benelux with Spa and Bru waters, in France with Wattwiller and Carola waters and in Bulgaria with Delvin water. The protection of these sources guarantees the composition and quality of the water we offer.

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The du Bois family: a story of visionary entrepreneurs

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Spadel - Notre histoire

The family adventure began in 1923 and, for almost a century, each generation of this family of entrepreneurs has carried the vision of the company, pushing it even further.