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Providing all the benefits of natural mineral water - that’s the mission of Spadel’s brands. Strongly rooted in their natural parks and their mountains of origin, our brands contribute to everyone's health through their ideal mineral content. And don’t forget the pleasure of simply quenching thirst, thanks to their fruity variations.

spa reine bottle

From the legendary purity of Spa® Reine to the powerful bubbles of Spa® Intense through the subtlety of Spa® Finesse, not to mention the light fruit flavours of Spa® Touch, free of sugar and artificial additives, and the astonishing fruit soft drinks of 100% natural origin ... There’s no question the range of Spa® waters and drinks has something to satisfy all tastes. Which flavour do you prefer?

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Bru bottle 1L

A true gift of nature, BRU springs from the already naturally sparkling earth, an unusual virtue. As a bonus, it offers the authenticity of local water! Thanks to its neutral taste and very light bubbles, BRU® adapts perfectly to Belgian gastronomy. It goes well with Liège salad or chicory gratin as well as local wines without being overwhelming, thanks to its low sodium and dry residue content (the quantity of minerals left after water evaporation).

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Carola bottle 1L plate

It’s impossible to find something more emblematic on Alsatian tables! Carola spring water is part of the local heritage, so much so that it can be found both at home and in restaurants to accompany local dishes. A true embodiment of conviviality and the pleasure of being together, Carola® red or blue, it is available in still, sparkling and flavoured waters.

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Wattwiller bottle plastic 1L

Its protected territory gives Wattwiller® its original purity. Water free of nitrates, low sodium, and weakly mineralised, Wattwiller® is perfect for the whole family, including the very delicate, infants, and breastfeeding mothers. Protecting its virtues goes hand in hand with concrete actions to neutralise the brand's environmental footprint.

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Devin bottle 1L

Pure water from the Rhodope Mountains, Devin® is the drink of athletic and active people. Its balance is rich in minerals, and its practical formats for everyday life allow good hydration, all day long.

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Protecting nature, a priority for Spadel

Protection of the water cycle, biodiversity and territories: Spa® - Bru® - Wattwiller® - Carola® and Devin® make up a family of strong brands and are driven by research to protect the environment. Our strategy and our products include the challenges of sustainable development at the heart of our commitments.

Our ecological commitment

All about natural mineral water

Are you thirsting to know more about natural mineral water, its composition, and its benefits? Check out our information page and our answers to your questions.

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