Join us to create the drinks of the future!

As a European leader with extensive expertise in the drinks and hydration space, we have made it our mission to bring together agents of change who share our values.

By supporting the most innovative and eco-responsible initiatives, we want to build an ambitious platform: a true ecosystem of local innovations.

Together, let’s revolutionise the healthy drinks and hydration sector

With the creation of The Source, Ventures by Spadel, the new venture capital fund of the Spadel group, we are investing in startups and scaleups, and accelerating their development, to boost innovation in line with our vision. The Source currently has a total of 10 million Euros available.

Our ambition

To stimulate innovation and talented entrepreneurs

We want to be a strategic partner of choice for rapidly developing initiatives.

  • Support them through minority ownership interests.
  • Provide them with access to Spadel's vast strategic, commercial and operational expertise in the hydration space.
  • Build and enable a network of business partners and young companies actively driving synergies.
  • Foster the entrepreneurial spirit by allowing founders to stay in charge of their start-ups, with Spadel Group helping them flourish and grow.

This company has already benefited from our support:

Andy is a start-up in the beverage home delivery sector. It's mission is to provide the most convenient customer experience while simultaneously acting in the most sustainable way. The delivery of drinks, which range from global to local brands, is done using a 100% electric fleet.

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Maybe you offer essential technical expertise (sustainability innovations, products and packaging, new production and recycling techniques, etc)?

Are you on the verge of transforming the soft drinks sector?

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