Our commitment to a more sustainable world

The Spadel group has, since its beginnings, expressed a pioneering spirit in favour of the environment. We’re conscious of the impact that our economic activity can have on nature, and we are implementing ever more ambitious actions to preserve our environment.

A platform dedicated to our sustainability commitments

As part of our sustainability strategy 2025 ‘Source of Change’ we've launched a unique platform where we detail all our sustainability ambitions and actions aimed at safeguarding natural resources.


We’re opening a dialogue with our partners, the organisations and foundations with whom we collaborate, and to any new sustainability initiative.


We're developing our educational work, so we can work with every generation and share what we know about protecting our environment and our peoples.

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As a BCorp certified company, we’re transparently sharing our choices and our actions. For example, we want to accelerate our transition to a circular economy, and to promote the recycling cycle of plastic packaging.

Priority actions

Our desire for a more sustainable world is illustrated by our practical and measurable actions towards environmental protection: reduction of our carbon footprint, emphasis on packaging recycling, protection of biodiversity, establishment of catchment protection perimeters, and security guarantees for employees and local stakeholders. Our BCorp certification also guides us in our efforts to be a leading sustainable company and to create a positive impact on the world around us.

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Recognition of our efforts

Our numerous distinctions, awards, certifications and prizes attest to our determination - and they encourage us to go even further to protect, improve and rethink the world around us. We are always open to new initiatives and collaborations with other organisations and foundations.

Spadel is the first family-owned mineral water group in the world to obtain BCorp certification for all its brands. This certification is granted to companies that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Beespa: Belgian Award
Media Prize Energy and
Environment 2015
Platinum Certified by the
Alliance for Water
Stewardship (AWS), the
most recognised
international label for
sustainable management
of water resources.
Wattwiller: “3 dragonflies”
label for our zero
pesticide commitment
Spa partner of the
European project "Life
Ardennes Liégeoise":
restoration of natural

Spadel and its brands are BCorp certified.
Spadel and its entities
certified “ A Great Place
to Work” since 2021

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