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Spadel produces and markets natural mineral waters, spring waters, and refreshing mineral water soft drinks.

The company has always advocated for the regional map: positioning itself as leader in its field on a human scale, brands that are strongly anchored to their region, absolute respect for its sources’ catchment areas, and the preservation of the natural and beneficial properties of its waters. Spadel pays particular attention to reducing its environmental footprint. A meaningful vision, in a world which is more and more concerned with its environmental impact.

A clear vision, a transparent mission

Our mission is clear: to offer 100% natural and local products, which - thanks to their mineral resources - hydrate and refresh our customers, and help to make our world more sustainable.

A few concrete commitments

We have a track record of consistent and profitable growth, as well as an undisputed regional leadership position in the market for natural water-based products and bottled beverages. We aim for optimal management of water quality and the environment, both in our activities and our products and services. These commitments are an integral part of the objectives of the Spadel Group.

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Our values,
driving our activity


No results without the talent of teams sharing the same objectives.


We set the bar very high to offer total expertise.


The world is changing. Faced with these new challenges, we act and adapt quickly.


Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we take responsibility for our choices and our convictions.

The three pillars of our strategy

To guide us in our choices, Spadel has built a strategic plan on three pillars:


Our activity covers a wide variety of professions, from the most versatile to the most technical. Extraction, logistics, and marketing our bottled products all call on a wide range of talents. Our working methods also aim for operational excellence.

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Innovation is for us a key axis and a springboard towards growth. This presupposes the development of new natural, healthy and low-calorie drinks in direct response to what consumers demand. Innovation is also found in our firm commitments to reduce waste and CO2 emissions from our activities (packaging, transport, etc).

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Sustainable development

A perfectly circular packaging strategy which contributes to environmental protection and human health - that’s the vision set out in Spadel’s new sustainable packaging strategy for 2025. We are fully aware of the impact of bottled water packaging on the environment, and we want to lead the way to a positive future.

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Regional natural water sources across Europe

The protection and preservation of sites, their subsoil, and natural water, is at the heart of our activity. We have always been committed to respecting the water cycle and biodiversity to provide natural water of original and incomparable purity throughout Europe.

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Spadel - À propos - Source Spa

Spa, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Bru

Stoumont, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Wattwiller

Wattwiller, France

Ribeauvillé, France

Spadel - À propos - Source Devin

Devin, Bulgaria