The Source Ventures by Spadel takes a stake in Dripl, a Belgian start-up aiming to revolutionize the soda industry

Dripl founders

The Source has just completed its second investment of 2023. Having already taken a stake in Qallo last April, Spadel’s venture capital fund has today announced its investment in another promising Belgian start-up: Dripl, founded in 2020 by Colin Deblonde and Lucas Moreau. The impact start-up offers companies a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional sodas, thanks to a machine that produces natural, low-calorie, low-sugar sodas on site, without disposable packaging. With a market size of 2.1 billion euros in the Western European office space alone, the growth potential of this new type of dispenser is huge. This is what prompted The Source to take an interest in Dripl. This investment fits perfectly with the Spadel fund’s objective of acquiring stakes in promising start-ups in the hydration sector and helping them to grow through strategic and financial support.

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