Spa Monopole obtains the highest possible certification for the sustainable management of its water resources

Spa Monopole obtient la plus haute certification possible pour la gestion durable de ses ressources en eau

The Spa Monopole site has just been awarded the Platinum certificate by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), the most internationally recognised label for sustainable management of water resources.

This is the highest possible ranking. Spa Monopole also becomes the first mineral water producer in Europe to obtain this exceptional certification, which rewards more than 130 years of protection of water and the environmental in Spa. The next goal for The Spadel group is to obtain a Platinum certificate for all of its sites in Belgium, France and Bulgaria by 2025.


The Spadel family group has been recognised for years as a major benchmark in Europe for sustainable management and protection of water assets. The Belgian group is undoubtedly a European frontrunner in Europe in sustainable development. The first protection area around the springs of Spa dates back to 1889 and the first law protecting the natural areas where mineral water is extracted in Spa was passed in as early as 1772. The managers of Spadel and Spa Monopole are long-standing advocates for the preservation and protection of water resources for future generations. Spadel has long adopted the motto "draw but do not deplete", meaning that the group extracts only a fraction of the amount of water from the yearly rainfall in the extraction areas.

Today, Spadel’s role as European leader in the sustainable management of its aquifers and water on its production site is once again internationally recognised through the award by AWS of a Platinum certificate for the Spa Monopole site. This recognition is particularly important for the Spadel group because the AWS label is a global standard in the field of water management.

Spa Monopole, a 5-star water manager

Strict requirements must be met in order to obtain the AWS certification. It rigorously reviews Spa Monopole’s water risk assessment, its stakeholder collaboration in preserving and protecting its water resources, and the sustainability plan at the production plant.

"Today Spa Monopole is the first site in Europe to be Platinum certified in the mineral water sector, which obviously makes us particularly proud and demonstrates that Spa Monopole is a 5-star water manager", says Marc du Bois, Managing Director of the Spadel group. "Thanks to our long- term action, our water-management tools and our ongoing measures to manage our springs in the best possible way, I fully expect that our other sites in Belgium, France and Bulgaria will also be awarded Platinum certification by 2025. The objective is very clear: we want all mineral and spring water put on the market by the Spadel group to be managed and bottled in a sustainable manner, in other words without over-exploitation and in a fully transparent and trusting relationship with the other local stakeholders who use these waters."

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