Spadel continues to innovate in packaging by launching a 10-litre Eco Pack for SPA Reine

Eco Pack 10L Spa Reine

Launched by the Spadel Group in May 2022, the SPA Reine 5-litre Eco Pack is becoming increasingly popular with consumers in the Benelux, with sales up 17% in the first four months of 2023 compared to the previous four months. Voted Product of the Year, this greener and more practical packaging is clearly meeting a consumer need. The proof: nearly 2 million 5-litre Eco Packs were sold over the last 12 months, enabling Spadel to reduce its plastic footprint by 167 tonnes. Building on this success, Spadel is now launching a 10-litre Eco Pack for SPA Reine. The Group has also decided to extend this new packaging to the French market, with the launch of a 5-litre Wattwiller Eco Pack in the coming weeks.