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Looking to the future, Spadel's mission is to reinvent natural mineral water thanks to the quality of its brands:

  • natural mineral waters and spring waters
  • natural zero-calorie flavoured waters
  • soft drinks with 100% natural ingredients


The source of our mission

Sustainability is part of Spadel's DNA. For generations, it’s clear, it has been integrated into our way of working - to the point that we have a dedicated platform as part of our sustainability strategy, with our 2025 ambitions reflected in our "Source of Change" site.

There, we detail the actions we’re taking to reduce our carbon footprint, protect biodiversity and step up our transition to a circular economy. Our commitment: to act on a daily basis at all levels of the group, and to rally everyone involved in Spadel's activity to this environmentally friendly approach.

Our ecological commitment




natural and low calorie drinks



family-owned mineral water group in the world to obtain BCorp certification for all its brands. This certification is granted to companies that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

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Innovation Platform

We are living in an exciting time, full of innovations and opportunities. At Spadel, innovation isn’t just a buzzword - it’s part of our mission.

With The Source, Ventures by Spadel, our capital risk fund, we are investing in the most innovative start-ups to boost their development.

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Investor relations

By relying on its know-how and the rigorous management of its resources, Spadel guarantees efficient management and a policy of recurring dividend growth.

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Choose a mission and a dynamic full of meaning

Whichever path you choose with Spadel, you will benefit from support, opportunities, and strong potential for growth.

Find out how to participate in the growth of fine mineral water brands, with strong values driven by innovation and sustainable development.

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Spadel - À propos - Source Spa

Spa, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Bru

Stoumont, Belgium

Spadel - À propos - Source Wattwiller

Wattwiller, France

Ribeauvillé, France

Spadel - À propos - Source Devin

Devin, Bulgaria


Our sources, the heart of Spadel

Our mineral waters flow from unique and magical springs found in unspoiled natural areas of Europe. The purity of our waters derives directly from this pure and natural environment.

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