After Spa Monopole, the Bru production site also obtains the highest possible certification for the sustainable management of its water resources

alliance for water stewardship platinum certified

The Spadel group’s efforts to manage its water resources sustainably are once again in the spotlight. After Spa Monopole two years ago, it’s the turn of the Bru production site, located in Stoumont, to be awarded the Platinum certificate by the AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship), in other words the highest possible level. It’s a remarkable achievement, as the certificate is the most internationally recognised label for the sustainable management of water resources. The Bru site managed to achieve this exceptional standard thanks to the initiatives taken over decades to protect its water assets, in close collaboration with the public authorities. The Spadel group’s ambition is to obtain a Platinum certificate for all of its production sites by 2025.

22 March is World Water Day. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the efforts that have been undertaken for several decades now by the Spadel group to protect the water assets at its various production sites located in Belgium, France, and Bulgaria. For many years now, Spadel has applied the motto ‘puiser sans épuiser’ (take without depleting), which means that the group only extracts a fraction of the quantity of water that falls each year in the extraction areas in the form of precipitation.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed at international level. After the Spa Monopole site in 2020, the Bru site in Stoumont has now obtained a Platinum certificate from the AWS. The conditions for obtaining this certificate are particularly demanding. They are based on four key criteria: fully transparent collaboration with all local stakeholders (particularly the municipalities and public authorities), the sustainable management of water resources, a guarantee of good water quality at all times, and the protection of the environment and biodiversity close to the springs. In other words, the Platinum certificate obtained by Spadel for its Stoumont site shows that all Bru mineral waters that are placed on the market are managed and bottled sustainably, without overexploitation, in full transparency and with the trust of the other local actors that use these waters.

‘I would like to congratulate the Bru teams for obtaining this Platinum certificate, as it underlines how well water is managed at our Stoumont site, with the overriding objective of not overexploiting the water assets, in order to ensure that the water resources are preserved for future generations,’ highlights Marc du Bois, CEO of the Spadel group. ‘All of the springs at Spadel’s sites are protected in a particularly effective way. This also involves the preservation and often even the improvement of the quality of the environment and biodiversity in our water catchment areas. Here I’m specifically thinking of measures such as restoring peat bogs, planting tree species that are lacking in our forests, and creating flowering meadows, to name but a few examples. Our impact on the direct environment of our springs is tangible. This is why we’re committed to pursuing and even intensifying our efforts. After Spa Monopole and Bru, our objective is for our Carola and Wattwiller sites in Alsace and Devin in Bulgaria to also obtain this Platinum certification by 2025.’